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Integrating OpenStack with a Software Defined Storage

  • CloudByte’s OpenStack team has been devising ways to utilize the QoS & multi-tenancy features provided by Elastistor (Cloudbyte’s storage product) from the OpenStack. CloudByte’s plugin for OpenStack Cinder accommodates the Cinder exposed features and is compatible to multi tenancy needs w.r.t the Storage Provider.

    The design has taken into consideration various factors like:

    1. No code changes to OpenStack codebase apart from Cinder plugin
    2. No impact to OpenStack upgrades
    3. Elastistor plugin should be easily upgradable when Elastistor is upgraded without any upgrade to OpenStack.
    4. Elastistor plugin for Openstack should try to expose most of the capabilities of Elastistor while conforming to the Openstack plugin rules & standards.
    5. Enable dynamic provisioning s.t. there is no impact to existing services, accounts, users, use cases.
    6. There should not be any service restarts after provisioning of new tenants and their respective backends.
    7. Design should not mandate to save state or information (in database, etc.) for the integration to work properly.
    8. Design is compatible for releases of Openstack starting from IceHouse.

    This link provides details about CloudByte cinder driver.

    CloudByte Cinder Driver

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