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How to know which is the bottleneck in my server performance – disk/processor/memory ?

  • Type ‘vmstat’ at the command prompt and follow along.

    # vmstat

    procs memory page disks faults cpu

    r b w avm fre flt re pi po fr sr ad0 in sy cs us sy id

    3 0 0 580416 1388912 234 11 7 0 209 0 0 171 5796 3816 3 10 87

    Under the procs section

    r – No.of processes that are blocked waiting for CPU time

    b – No.of processes that are blocked waiting for IO

    w – No.of processes that are runnable but are entirely swapped out because of lack of memory space.

    In the output, which ever field has greater number is the bottleneck.

    r = processor

    b = disk

    w = memory

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