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how do you recover a degraded pool

  • Hi,
    we are running a POC with the community edition to see if this is something we can use in production at ScaleMatrix. During stress testing , we pulled a drive to degrade a pool to simulate a drive just dying and no longer responding to queries. We replaced that drive with a drive of the same size and model and did a hardware refresh on the node. The node saw the new drive and asked us to assign it a slot in the jbod. This looked good. When I went into raid configuration management to add the new drive to the RAID, the replace disk button didn’t see a free drive to add.
    When I check on the drives under nodes, disk table, it has the new disk listed under the correct slot C3R1 and has it already added to the archive pool with status as being online.
    Is it just resilvering and won’rt be listed as being fully in the pool until it is done or did I discover a bug?



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