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Common Installation FAQs

  • All that you want to know about ElastiStor product versions and installation.
    Here is a consolidated list of customer queries related to the product installation.

    How many flavors and versions of CloudByte ElastiStor are available in the market?
    CloudByte ElastiStor 1.0 was the pioneering release of the product. The latest version is the Community Edition 1.4.0 Patch1 with a FREE space of 25TB.

    How do I check the version number of ElastiStor that I have installed?
    To check the version of ElastiStor, do either of the following:

    On ElastiCenter
    1. Log in to ElastiCenter.
    2. The ElastiStor version is specified at the left bottom of the dashboard (highlighted in the following screen).

    On Command prompt

    1. Log in to the Node as a root user.
    2. Run the following command to fetch the version details: cat /cbdir/buildversion.

    I get the message ‘Installation cannot proceed as no NIC is present’. What will I do?
    You encounter this issue because the NIC that you use is not supported. For a list of supported NICs and other hardware, see the Hardware Compatibility List.

    Why am I not able to access the system after the first reboot post installation?
    Verify the following:

    • ElastiStor has correctly rebooted. This is indicated by the root login prompt when the installation concludes.
    • Network port connectivity
    • Network details are correctly added

    What happens if the network connection is lost and system boots after installing?
    It waits for the connectivity to be restored and then boots up.

    What happens to the installation during a power loss?
    You have to reinstall.

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