Tiered storage is a system of assigning applications to different types of storage media based on application requirements.

Cloudbyte Supports Three tier storage architectures whose details are provided below:

Tier 0 : Tier 0 uses SSD disks which works on fastest performing storage medium as of date. Storage on tier 0 should be used for applications which demand high IO latency example : OLTP Applications, Indexing Applications, HPC etc…

Tier 1 : CloudByte uses 15K RPM and 10K RPM disks for tier 1. Storage on Tier 1 should be used for Exchange Servers, File Servers and other ERP Applications.

Tier 2 : Tier 2 storage is cost effective and mainly used for backups. Cloudbyte uses 7.2 K RPM disks for designing Tier 2 storage.

Cloudbyte Also has a separate disks for caching data for all tiers. By using SSD’s for write cache and Read Cache on separate devices which are different from data disks, CloudByte will be able to provide hot data straight from SSD’s.